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The secret is out about the exclusive paradise of Anguilla. This secluded Caribbean island nestled among the Lesser Antilles is rimmed with white-sand beaches and home to a booming culinary scene. It's also earning accolades with Travel + Leisure readers — you'll find it on the lists of best islands in the Caribbean and in the world.

Sunset Sailboats

Activities in Paradise

The British overseas territory of Anguilla features spectacular Amerindian rock art, multifaceted Afro-Euro-West Indian cuisine, blissful mainland sands, and idyllic offshore cays. There’s much to do, experience and explore here. Including: Sunset Sailing, Moke rides, Snorkeling, Day Cruises, Off-Shore Cays, Kite Surfing, Live Music, Anguilla’s Carnival, Golf and more.

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Scilly Cay

Private Island Getaway

Give us a quick call to signal your readiness for pick-up and enjoy a brief and delightful 2-minute ferry ride. Nestled in the bay of Island Harbour, Anguilla, Gorgeous Scilly Cay stands as an esteemed, locally-owned establishment with a captivating history. In 1985, the island was transformed into an exclusive oceanfront sanctuary that boasts an unassuming yet charming sand bar and BBQ. Guests savor this authentic experience, seated in huts that have preserved its natural splendor.

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Tradition Sailing
Charter Boats & Cruises

The #1 must-do Anguilla activity? Sailing to Prickly Pear with Tradition Sailing Charters! It's not hard to SEA why this idyllic sailing experience ranks so highly. The experience begins at 9am where Tradition is anchored, in Sandy Ground with a morning mimosa before you cast off. The offshore cay is made up of two islands, Prickly Pear East and Prickly Pear West. The remote islands are home to two restaurants, a colony of sea birds and other than that? Just a whole lot of bluuuetiful seas!

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Scuba Shack

With 32 Years of experience and knowledge of our waters spanning over 33 pristine water fronts and miles of white sand, we’ll show you the exciting wrecks and abundant reefs. We have dive sites for certified and non-certified divers as well as some amazing snorkel sites. We offer a fully array of courses for all ages, newbie and expert alike.

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Striker Rum & Reel Charters

Anguilla’s Rum and Reel Charters provides everything you’ve ever wanted, whether it’s a private sunset boat tour to Little Bay, a birthday party to Prickly Pear, a business event to Sandy Island, a boat snorkelling excursion to Scrub or Dog Island, or a deep-sea fishing tour. While you discover the location of your ideal boating tour, let us charter the Anguillian waters. We appreciate seeing you happy. 

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Glo's Rum Tasting

Gloria Leveret began bartending in 1974 at her sister’s restaurant then moved on ultimately becoming Bar Manager at Cuisinart. Fast forward 45 years, she is now retired but her rum creations still live on by way of her delightfully delectable rum creations, Glo’s Flavored Rum. For the rum connoisseurs, try 14 of her favorite flavors while you enjoy her stories and learn about the wide variety of rums such as Apple Cinnamon, Banana, Coconut Punch, GuavaBerry, Ginger, Lime, Mango, Mint, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Plum, Pomegranate, Sea Grape, Sorrel and Tamarind. You will also be able to take home a bottle of your favorite rum and an Anguilla shot glass.


Golf at Aurora Anguilla

A Golfer's Paradise

The island’s only golf experience, Aurora International Golf Club is an extraordinary adventure from sunrise to sunset. The thoughtfully designed 18-Hole Course delights golfers with challenging, dramatic holes set against breathtaking scenery. Players are greeted by a spectacular view of Saint Martin and the Caribbean Sea at the tee box of the 384-yard starting hole. The unforgettable experience continues with holes 2 and 10 sharing a 16,000 Sq. Ft. green that runs along Rendezvous Oceanfront and the Anguilla Channel.


Banki Banx / King of the Dune

Bankie Bankie is the patriarch of the Banx Music Legacy. He is an artist, revolutionary and enigma. Bankie Banx is one of the most distinctive voices to come out of the Caribbean. His raspy baritone has led many to proclaim his sound as a combination of Marley and Dylan, with a touch of Sinatra. Bankie’s laid back persona and island lifestyle evoke Jimmy Buffett. Click over to the website for Moonsplash Music Festival details.


Anguilla Carnival Festival

The Anguilla Summer Festival is our Favorite Holiday Season! From the end of July until the middle of August, Anguilla is a buzz, with fervent excitement, beautifully colored costume parades and a sheer festive force that many look forward to with great anticipation. There are a number of pageantries, community festivals, soca and calypso competitions and a couple of small boat racing events. Events may vary from year to year, with some leaving and new ones popping up from time to time.


The Grand Outlook Villa was so extraordinary we didn’t want to leave. The amenities are sensational providing everything you’ll ever need. This was our 15th Villa stay, and this one was the best by far. Remarkable Service!!!

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